Kiren formed a passion for art early on in his life. Starting with pencils on paper, he transitioned to the computer in the early 2000's and never looked back. Being involved in the music community playing the drums, he was able to build a reputation among his fellow musicians and gain more exposure through the years by creating album artwork and logos. You'll also find him experimenting with personal work in which he tackles various subjects and themes ranging from dark/fantasy to science fiction.
Kiren also runs a YouTube channel, giving an inside look at his creative process as well as offering advice to the digital art community.
Clients: Asyst, Archer Nation, Astharoth, Anthony Sasullito, Angels On The Battlefield, Ashes Reign, Birth Of Chaos, Black Steam, Baron Sumter, Chuck Billy Of Testament, Crota, Centipede Press, Cylinder, Craig Hart, Dress The Dead, El Supremo, Festa Verlag, In The Silence, John Sinclair, Kî​​​​​​​ND, Lord Vaper, Like Mind Protocol, Michael Abdow, Mike Gianelli, Mother Harlot, No Importa Mas, Nothingleft, Ocean Of Illusions, Profressor Zamorra, Rani Chatoorgoon, Ranchero, Skitzo, Suspended Between Worlds, Storming The Skies, The Human Condition, Turning Virtue, The Even Order, Transmundane Press, Taunted, Threinody, Vangough, Vaughn Body Arts, Withering Scorn, Wicked Run Press, The Watchers, We Are Relentless, Zed.

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